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OIA Lounge

OIA is all about community, socializing and having fun. OIA Salon is where the members and guest meet and converge. With exquisite sea view and a restaurant, we are sure that the salon will be the perfect spot for you to spend your evening.  

We have designed OIA Salon to be the community hub, where snacks and drinks will be served to make our guests feel like at home.

Event Room

Whether you have a business conference or an engagment party or birthday, you will find this the perfect venue for your guests. Our private and fully equipped conference hall facilities offer high class environments which cater to all your needs.

With outstanding technical equipment and service, you can rest assured that your event will be one to remember.


OIA Guest Houses

Fully furnished apartments designed especially for the guests invited by OIA members. These apartments are exclusively offered for OIA members. 


Micro Gym

Our micro gym offers a convenient friendly community feel. Equipped with all your necessities, you will never miss your favourite workout sessions while enjoying your stay at OIA.


Water Activity

Oia Offers a variety of unique water Sport activities like Sailing - Kayaking and some other fun games exclusively for members and their guest

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