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Oia House Rules

1.    Each villa is permitted a guest limit to ten and the guests should be couples, or the number of females should be more than males. 
2.    Each locker is permitted a guest limit to five (Two guests only for her package membership) and the guests should be couples, or the number of females should be more than males. 
3.    For each villa/locker, Tenants and Members can invite one Male Companion Guest (a male guest that does not need to be coupled) free of charge for one visit per month.
4.    For more than one visit, Male Companion Guests will be charged 400 SR on weekdays and 600 SR on weekends, per visit even after 6pm.
5.    Villa Tenants and Locker Members are allowed only one male companion guest per villa or locker at a time.
6.    Male companions are not allowed to enter or remain in the resort premises if the tenant or member is not present in the resort.
7.    Single Male guests above 16 years old are not allowed to enter the resort unless they are invited as a Male Companion or are part of a couple.
8.    Female Tenants and Members, Female Guests below 16 years of age and domestic helpers, cannot couple with Male Guests.
9.    Coupled female guests are not allowed to leave the resort before their male counterparts.
10.    Coupled female guests, their male counterparts and companions must present their original valid IDs before entering OIA.
11.    Single female guests, domestic helpers, and male guests below 16 years old who do not have their original IDs with them may enter OIA with a clear copy of their valid IDs.  However, a non-refundable 100 SR fine must be settled at the Front Office first. 
12.    It is the Tenant/Member’s responsibility to inform their guests to bring their original ID card. IDs sent via messaging apps or email will not be accepted.
13.    Photography is strictly prohibited, Guests found to be taking photographs or videos without Security supervision will receive a six-month or an indefinite period ban and may be asked to leave the resort immediately.

14.    All front row sun beds are reserved exclusively for Tenants and Members.
15.    Guests who are banned, under warning or who have outstanding payments cannot become Tenants or Members.
16.    For the main package membership only (Two main members Couple or Two females) are allowed to access Boho the Beach with entry fees.
17.    For the weekdays package membership (Members can access the resort from Sunday through Thursday. 
18.    For the weekends package membership members can access only for Friday and Saturday)  


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